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How To Style The Perfect Rave Outfit: 9 Cute & Creative Ideas

How To Style The Perfect Rave Outfit: 9 Cute & Creative Ideas

Raves and EDM festivals are the perfect opportunity to go wild with your outfit, are they not? Experimenting with colors, layers, and body image alternatives is the best part of your event preparation but sometimes also the most challenging.

Today, the Devil Walking team is here to give you the only guide you’ll ever need on styling the perfect rave outfit - from the basic concept to the final touches that will give flesh to your idea.

The Basics Of Choosing Your Rave Apparel

First-time ravers can easily find themselves lost in the mesmerizing world of rave trends, fashion pieces, outfits, and styles. And yes - things don’t always get easier after the first time, especially if you are not naturally gifted in style & fashion conceptualizing.

To help you structure your jaw-dropping outfit strategy, we remind you of the best step-by-step way to proceed towards designing your looks:

  • The Style & Theme. First, decide on the very fundamentals - are you going to be sexy and provocative; are you going to be sci-fi and futuristic; are you going to be cute and playful, or are you going to be dark and witchy? You can pick both the style and the motifs of your outfit depending on the event you’ll be visiting, the headliners of the program, and your personal preferences.
  • The Colors & Patterns. Having a specific color palette in mind will help you make your outfit more coherent and easy to round out. It can be a single neon color, a combination of different tones, or a particular pattern - animal, mechanical, psychedelic, etc. You can either pick your base outfit and stick to its colors later or decide on the colors first and choose between cute rave outfits based on that decision.
  • The Base Outfit Pieces. It’s always easier to accessorize and put the final touches on your looks when you have the base layer of rave clothing in your hands. Whether it’s a one-piece costume, a co-ord, or a hand-picked combination of garments, it will serve you as a starting point. Of course, the sooner you have it, the more time you’ll have to style it properly.
  • The Layers & Accessories. Now straight to the subject - adding layers of clothing and accessories to your base layer may seem like a secondary task. Still, it is, in fact, the most important thing you’ll do for your appearance. It’s all about creativity, expression, and experimentation - and we are giving you some valuable tips on how to do it in the paragraphs below!

The Nine Easiest Ways To Style The Perfect Rave Outfit

Ready to dive into the deep? We have some easy, perfectly accessible, and totally next-level ideas for your savage rave appearance!

#1 Get Yourself Some Cheeky Kritterklips

Kritterklips are cute and sassy, come in multiple color designs, and are easily the most affordable way to skyrocket your winsomeness during the next EDM festival. Just make sure they match the color palette of your outfit and stick to the general styling idea you had in mind in the first place. Gladly, the internet is large and full of inspiration!

cute rave girl wearing kitterklips with festival outfit@_leblunt_ Wearing Rainbow Liquid Set

#2 Round Out The Savage Look With Sexy Fishnets

Fishnets will look as hot as Hades when put under different rave garments, especially those made of smooth and polished spandex fabric. Some of the best matches for fishnets are cut-out thong bodysuits, booty shorts, rave mini dresses, and printed short overalls. As for the color of the fishnet - you can hardly go wrong with classic black or funky neon.

sexy rave outfit with fishnets@emmmyacqua Wearing Liquid Steel Set

#3 Pick Suitable Earrings and Face Jewelry

Neon jewelry, statement jewelry, punk jewelry… There is a world out there full of options you can pick from to make your party outfit stand out and look complete. Considering the rave cultural traditions and the absolutely wildest atmosphere out there, we suggest you forget everyday aesthetics and go totally wild! Face accessories, tiaras, and temporary tattoos are very welcome, and so is your readiness to re-explore your boundaries!

black and white rave outfit @_leblunt_ Wearing Black Marble Set

#4 Bracelets Are The All-Time Black

Leather, beads, threads, cords, ropes, neon, or acrylic - it’s all good, and it’s never too much! Of course, you can always stick to the good old thumbhole sleeves and multipurpose bandanas if you cherish a more flexible feel and simplistic look. If not - you can go totally berserk by combining different numbers and styles of bracelets tailored to the tones and themes of your pre-chosen rave outfit.

#5 Add Some Belts To Dominate The Scene

Аdjustable body belts can underline your shapes and put some extra dominatrix vibe to your style. They can be made of textile, leather, rubber, or even metal chains - and can go all the way from your neck to your chest, waist, tights, and hips. Are belts supposed to be put on bare skin exclusively? Not really. You can add them all the way around your costume, including the covered and cut-out sections.

rave girl wearing festival outfit with leggings and belts@basslollipopp Wearing Electric Blue Set

#6 Do A Mind-Boggling Rave Makeup or Body Art

You can start by browsing some rave makeup inspiration pictures and videos on the internet. What comes next depends on your skills in makeup art and your willingness to rock the front stage. You can reproduce, redesign, enhance, or modify your inspiration pick and make it work for you and your personal style. From basic eyeliner to full-size face art - there are no boundaries, and it’s all up to you!

#7 A Wild Pair of Rave Glasses Can Make All The Difference

Steampunk glasses for steampunk costumes, 3D glasses for psychedelic picks, or kawaii-styled pink glasses for cute and girly costumes - every outfit can benefit from this accessory, and all you need to do is choose it wisely. Make sure that the pair doesn’t interfere with your vision too heavily and that it stays in one place while you dance. Also, bringing along a comfy backpack to store your glasses while you’re not using them will be a wise thing to consider.

festival girl wearing yellow rave outfit and red glasses@erin_bagels Wearing Yellow Blaze Set

#8 Mind The Footwear & Socks

Of course, your shoes and socks will also play a vital role in styling the perfect rave outfit for the season. Whatever you choose, make sure it feels comfortable and doesn’t keep you from moving around free and unbothered. High heels and pole-dance platform shoes can sometimes alter your experience too hard, and bringing along an extra pair of flat sneakers is a good backup plan.

#9 Accessorize Some More!

By now, you’ve probably assembled a fine and dandy rave outfit that will make you stand out in any crowd. Anyway, suppose you’re still seeking some saucy details to totally bring down the house. In that case, you can check out our list of game-changing rave accessories you need for your next EDM party.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media in order to receive your daily dose of rave inspiration and learn how to finish up your rave apparel like a pro!

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