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How to Wear Neon Clothes This Festival Season?

How to Wear Neon Clothes This Festival Season?

Now that week-long music festivals, EDMs, and raves are back in the game, you’re probably looking for a dramatic entrance too, right? And what could possibly be more dramatic than a neon outfit that will make you a part of the light show?

That’s right - as of 2022, neon is still a top choice for your sexy festival wear. And if you are still unsure of how to style it properly, we’re about to pull the curtain and show you how the devils do it!

What to Wear to a Music Festival?

Have you heard about the mind-boggling music festivals 2022 USA has to offer on the calendar? If you have, then you already know that these grand shows will require a grand outfit.

You can opt for a full-body costume, a cut-out bodysuit, or a matching multiple-piece set, depending on your styling preferences. Anyway, the question still remains - what about the colors and the patterns?

The fluorescent signage of neon clothing simply screams “Party!”. The bright and eye-catching colors have long been associated with nightlife, raving, and electrifying the town after dark. If you add high-tech fabrics, all-over prints, and darker styling shades, you have the formula for the most memorable festival outfit of the season.

green neon bodysuit with fishnet socks and festival lookNeon Green Long Sleeve Bodysuit

How Do You Style Neon Clothes?

If neon is not a regular part of your daily wardrobe, you might find yourself wondering how to style it properly. Thankfully, we have pretty straightforward answers to all the questions you might be asking yourself about rave fashion and alluring neon designs!

Materials & Cuts

A sporty neon t-shirt made of cotton in burning neon is good. But boy, a slick neon costume made of high-quality spandex or lycra is just another world. Mind the fact that festival fashion goes far beyond the borders of the ordinary, and don’t be afraid to go straight berserk!

Top-line rave fashion boutiques (wink, wink) will take you on a wild ride when it comes to neon clothes. We are talking anything here - from body-tight and UV-reactive catsuits to alluring bodysuits, strapless boob tubes, neon chokers, and all the rest.

All you need to do is pick your favorite and style it like a party pro.

Color & Pattern Combinations

You already know that neon comes in different shades and hues. These can be electric green or blue, burning pink and fuzzy purple, crazy yellow, etc. Some of them come in single-color garments, and some are used for designing a variety of stunning patterns.

Some rave outfits are pre-designed in a way that leaves nothing for you other than picking the footwear and accessories. These are the all-over costumes and multiple-piece sets that have their neon shades already styled to perfection.

Other single garments will require you to take care of the final touches, though. For example, if you’re buying a neon boob tube or a pair of neon booty shorts, you will have to style their colors with extra clothing pieces. Here is how to do it:

  • Pair your neon garments with darker and softer tones to produce contrast and add a bit of drama to your looks.
  • Pick neon clothes for the parts of your body you’d like to highlight - they will inevitably be the first thing people around you will notice.
  • Avoid mixing different neon tones in different garments of your outfit, except in the cases when a mad-hat festival look is actually your objective. Then do it!

Last but not least - keep in mind that neon can make parts of your body look visually bigger or thicker, and use it wisely where it needs to be used.

Pink neon bodysuit for rave girlsHot Pink Neon Bodysuit

Body Types & Neon Garments

Since you’re already intrigued by the property of neon to act as a visual maximizer, we have some rather useful advice for using it according to your body type:

  • For pear-shaped bodies, wear neon garments in the upper half of your body to make a balanced look. For example, you can look for neon crop tops, hoodies, or bra tops.
  • For apple-shaped bodies, using neon bottoms will give you the wow effect. These can be neon leggings, neon biker shorts, or neon booty shorts.
  • For harmonious body shapes, you can boldly go for whatever neon festival clothes you’d like, including neon costumes, catsuits, and bodysuits.

Of course, you’d like to check if the outfit fits you well before wearing it and change the sizing if you notice it looks too baggy or too tight.

And the Final Touches

Finally, you will have to round out your neon festival look with a couple of important details, including:

  • Footwear. Wearing dark or black shoes is the safest thing you can do, as it matches ideally with every tone of neon.
  • Accessories. Make sure you pick these carefully, as they can easily overdo your outfit and make it look way too random. Instead, stick to darker tones or a matching neon tone, along with glow sticks and eye-catching face jewelry pieces.
  • Makeup. You might want to check out some EDM makeup tutorials and tips to find the best option that suits your overall concept. In case you’ve been wondering - yes! - neon makeup is a thing, and it’s a game-changer!

At the end of the day, all that’s left for you to do is put your glamor on and rave out to the beat - shiny, bright, glittery, and full of vibes!

The team of Devil Walking is proud to be your guide through the rave world and give you all the tips for an unforgettable festival experience. So stay tuned!

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