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Rave Fashion: Outfits You Must Have in 2022

Rave Fashion: Outfits You Must Have in 2022

If you’ve ever been to a rave or an EDM festival, you already know that rave outfits are not merely fashion pieces but also a distinct culture of expression. As a result, the entire evolution of rave wear has been marked by ever-shifting and developing trends, powered by one fundamental concept - the freedom to be the original version of yourself, with no boundaries and no limitations.

As of 2022, rave fashion offers both a peaking number of choices and a peaking quality of the garments. The good ol’ crop top is now 3D-printed with UV-reactive inks; the old-school rave pants are now futuristic rave leggings; the denim overalls are now sleek and shape-molding festival catsuits.

As a bunch of hardcore rave fashion connoisseurs, today we are taking you on a wild ride! Prepare to meet the best rave outfits for 2022, and the types of rave fashion picks every reveler out there needs in their wardrobe!

Three Types of Rave Tops To Have in Your Wardrobe

There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when looking for the perfect rave top design. From glittery bras to rubbery rave vests and everything in between - we’ve picked three super classy designs that will go perfectly with virtually every type of outfit!

Crop Tops

sexy purple liquid rave crop top

A crop top is a type of upper-body garment designed to reach just above the waist, thus revealing your tummy and abdomen area. That definition is basically the only thing they have in common since rave crop tops can be bought in various shapes and cuts. Some of them include, for example:

  • Long or short-sleeved tops in different color palettes;
  • Sleeveless crop tops with diverse prints and patterns;
  • Cold-shoulder tops with scoop or mock necks;
  • Halter neck crop tops with a bareback;
  • Cut-out crop tops with extra openings in different parts
  • Body-tight hoodie tops, etc.

The good thing about the abundance is that you can choose a model that matches your body type and enjoy a perfect fit with no regrets.

Sexy Bra Tops

printed festival bra top

Bra tops are also considered a part of the bigger crop top group. Anyway, they deserve a separate honorable mention, as in the rave fashion world, they lead a life of their own. They can resemble a classic sports bra design or a more gentle and minimalistic look, as well as incorporate different printed motifs all over.

The best part about bra tops is that they have a minimum impact area on the skin and guarantee superior comfort during your wildest open-air summer raves. Moreover - they look gorgeous with every lower body garment choice, including leggings, shorts, jeans, or skirts.

Printed Rave Hoodies

lotus rave cropped hoodie

If showing too much skin is not your piece of cake (even during a rave, where that’s absolutely too common), then a spacious printed hoodie will definitely match your taste. Hooded tops with long sleeves or no sleeves are considered a must when the party’s about to last all night long, especially if the weather is questionable and the temperatures are about to drop at some point.

More often than not, printed rave hoodies are used as a second layer to every rave outfit, just in case the weather gets bad. Of course, bringing along a waterproof raincoat is always a good idea, and you will see it recommended in the guidelines for every open-air EDM event on the calendar.

Three Types of Rave Bottoms That Will Level Up Your Looks

In case you didn’t learn this by now, rave fashion is all about blending perfect comfort with a crazily sexy look. This being said, the ideal rave bottom is the one that underlines your shapes and doesn’t make you think about it all the time.

When you want to just put it on and forget about it, while it does its job keeping you snug and confident, you can choose between three basic alternatives:

Sexy Booty Shorts

black booty shorts with fishnets for edm event

When speaking of comfy and sexy, booty shorts are logically on top of the list. Comfy - because they will stay in one place and give you the ultimate freedom of movement during jumping, dancing, and raving. Sexy - because they are literally designed to outline your booty in the best way possible without interfering with how you move around.

If you’re still having some doubts about it, just remember that booty shorts are the number one choice for different performative sports - including pole dancing, cheerleading, and on-stage performances.

Backside Short Skirts

rainbow backside shorts skirt

You wanna try wearing booty shorts, but you’d prefer to have an extra covering layer on the backside? Backside short skirts are the answer you’re looking for. They easily blend together the mini skirt and booty bottoms perks for your confidence and positive body image.

These are basically booty shorts with an attached soft and elastic skirt on the stretchy upper belt. The skirt has an opening on the front so that it looks more like rave gear than a piece of tennis equipment, and the design is rounded out with brute all-over prints for an extra WOW effect. Savage, is it not?

Printed Rave Leggings

printed leggings

These are the all-time classics that still dominate the rave fashion world in 2022. They highlight every inch of your lower body, keep you well supported, and leave much for the imagination even while showing off your shapes to the fullest.

When choosing the perfect pair of printed rave leggings, look for a supportive high waist, a solid non-see-through construction, and a high-quality print that won’t fade after you wash it. Wanna know a funny thing? You can find them right here, in the fashion boutique of the devils!

Four All-in-One Rave Outfits To Conquer the World In

Yes - picking up your rave outfit piece by piece can be fun and exciting if you’re into that kind of stuff. And yes again - it can be time-consuming and challenging if you’re not that into styling techniques and fashion rules.

So, sometimes, having it all with a single purchase is the easiest and most comfortable thing you can do in order to look savage without investing too much effort in the process. Here is how to do it in four different ways:

A Pre-Assembled Rave Set

red dragon co-ord festival sets

Choosing a pre-made rave set is the smartest strategy for those who want to appear in a multiple-piece outfit but are not so thrilled about assembling it. Gladly, there is a world of alternatives that can include matching pieces like:

  • A rave crop top or hoodie;
  • A lower-body gear like leggings or booty shorts;
  • Matching thumbhole sleeves;
  • Multipurpose bandanas;
  • Textile chokers;
  • Crew socks, etc.

All you need to do is browse through the options, add your favorite one to your cart, and have your out-and-out rave outfit delivered in a few days.

Full-Body Costumes & Catsuits

sexy women wearing rave costumes for edm

Things can get even easier when your entire outfit consists of a single piece of clothing covering your whole body like a second skin. Rave costumes can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless, and they look truly spectacular on all types of body shapes and sizes!

The printed costumes and catsuits of Devil Walking are designed to produce a mild silhouette-molding effect and a perfect moisture-wicking effect. In addition, they are non-transparent, they don’t shift colors after you put them on, and they come in various mind-boggling all-over prints to choose from according to your taste.

Cut-Out Bodysuits

printed black cut out bodysuit for your next festival

Nothing shouts sex appeal louder than a cut-out rave bodysuit, and nothing feels better than enjoying your allure just for the sake of it. Here, you can get as bold as you’d like to - including with stunning thong bodysuit designs, foxy underboob cuts, and large openings on the abdomen.

For some extra support, you can combine your cut-out rave bodysuit with a sexy fishnet in a suitable color from your basic outfit palette. All that’s left is showing up, stealing the spotlight, and painting the town bloody red.

Mini and Maxi Rave Dresses

long maxi dress for festivals and rave girls

Last but not least - dresses are not only made for proms. If your inner rave beast rawrs for running wild, that’s yet another next-level garment to consider adding to your wardrobe.

You’ll need to choose between a mini and a maxi rave dress, style it with your favorite boots, and enjoy a brand-new way to experience yourself. Because that’s what raves are all about, right?

Stay tuned in Devil Walking to stay tuned to yourself - because we have the gear, and you have the spirit!

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