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Six Halloween Outfits You Can Wear to Every EDM Festival

Six Halloween Outfits You Can Wear to Every EDM Festival

Preparing yourself for Halloween night can be time-consuming, especially if you never settle with being basic. Then, after weeks of arrangements, all the hallows come and go in no more than a few short hours. Such a shame, isn’t it?

We are not arguing here that spending time, money, and effort on styling the best Halloween outfit is meaningless. On the contrary - we are about to give you a handful of ideas on how to make sure you’re making a long-term instead of a short-term investment. 

Because Halloween night and a festival night have a thing or two in common. One of them is the streamlined costume that can get as wild, sexy, and savage as you’d like it to.

Below, you will find six Halloween outfit ideas that are 100% festival, rave, and cosplay friendly. First, you can use them to do the tricks and get the treats. Then, you can keep them in your closet and take them out before every next rave you’re about to attend.

Let us get cheerfully creepy with the best rave Halloween costumes in town!

#1 A Skeleton Costume

One-piece costumes make it a top garment for both Halloween night and rave parties. And if they’re all-over printed with a realistic spooky skeleton, we indeed have the perfect match.

In Devil Walking, we take skeletons very seriously. That’s why we offer them in an abundance of design alternatives - from classic x-ray models with an added glow-in-the-dark effect to off-beat designs with multiple additional elements. 

Butterflies, blooming roses, badass sci-fi motifs, or rainbow colors - we know that there are hundreds of ways for an old-school skeleton to metamorph in an ultra-modern spandex costume, and we make it do so. 

purple skeleton halloween costume for sexy women

#2 A Cyber Chick Dress

Wanna be a steel babe for Halloween? The good news is that cyberpunk and futuristic fashion trends outgrow Halloween and safely make it to the festival scene. 

It comes in the form of friction-fit costumes, glam 2-piece sets, and, of course - brutish bodycon dresses that fit the shapes of your body like a glove. A cyber chick dress is among the most sensual ways to show off your sci-fi vibe during all types of events, happenings, and occasions.

Once again, we have a lot to offer here - from dominator lady dresses to titanium warrior prints and everything in between. All you need to do is put your silken armor on and break their hearts with your iron vibe.

cyber dress women

#3 A Zombie Matching Set

I know where I came from - but where did all you zombies come from?

Our beloved Robert A. Heinlein would probably be astounded to know that the best of zombies always come straight from the catalog of Devil Walking. Boy, we know how to make them alluringly decomposing, mercilessly aerodynamic, and scandalously sleek.

With a matching 2-piece set, you’ll be roaming undead - to get the treats, to give the tricks, to dance your flesh and bones away. The electric-colored prints and awe-inspiring horror design will easily make you the chief officer of the living dead.

zombie chick two piece set

#4 Cyber Soldier Two-Piece Outfit

Not all outfits are made equal; some are just so trippy and celestial that they overlap epochs and worlds.

A sexy Warrior two-piece set will give your Halloween night a brand new face - a little gentle, a little tough, and absolutely, staggeringly elysian. What’s more - it will do it over and over, and over - no matter if you wear it to Comic-Con, Coachella, or the next virtual rave event.

At Devil Walking, you can get it with fast worldwide delivery, a quality guarantee, and an instant feeling of belonging to the global network of bad-ass ravers that bring passion into fashion.

 cyber soldier two piece set for women

#5 A Goth Hoodie Dress

There are two things in our dimension that no one can resist. First, of course, are goth girls. Second comes a soft, cozy, and oversized hoodie dress, printed all over with the lure of the Inferno. 

When Halloween approaches, you can allow yourself to look as unholy as even possible. When Halloween goes… Well, you can keep up the good work!

The bonus life points of a dark hoodie dress? You can wear it virtually anytime, anywhere. Because gothic fashion brings together Halloween and rave - then throws them straight into the routine of everyday life. Now that’s a way to make everyday life a little more manageable, isn’t it?

skeleton hoodie dress for women

#6 A Golden Cyborg Matching Set

Now, let us round out the freak show with another fembot alternative - the amorous cyborg set in liquid gold and mechanical grey. 

Isn’t it actually the absolute representation of how serene beauty and total horror can coexist in the same body, made of steel? The most amazing of paradoxes now comes printed on the most amazing of costumes - steamy and petrifying; angelic and demonic.

With it, you can safely make it to the spotlight anywhere you go - because a hard core never goes out of fashion, and it can merge in any context until the end of time.

gold cyborg sci-fi set for women Halloween 2021

Come Walk With the Devils!

Devil Walking is not merely a fashion brand; Devil Walking is a lifestyle concept.

We believe that the freedom to be weird and eccentric is essential to achieve the best version of yourself - unrestricted, appreciating all shades of life, respectful towards others, and always ready to go straight to outer space!

Our garments are Halloween-friendly, festival-friendly, cosplay-friendly, and whatever-you-like-friendly. Because you can never go wrong with being yourself. And - let’s face it - we’re all a bit dark, even after Halloween is over. 

Join our rave crew and start walking with the devils!

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